Health Plan Network Design Solutions for Self-Insured Employers

If you’re already a self-insured employer, or transitioning to funding your own employee health program, Hoag Corporate Health wants to help you give employees and their families the best options for care. Hoag is the highest rated hospital system in Orange County, for nearly 70 years. We’re known for our level of service excellence, focusing on complete patient care.

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Guarantee Hoag is Part of Your Tier 1 Network

If your company is based in Orange County, California, has a large number of employees who live in the area, or an active worksite here, we can make sure that Hoag is part of your plan’s tier one network.

We assist in the development and structure of medical benefit plans to assure your self-funded strategy results in long-term financial advantages and meets the personalized needs of your organization.

We can share strategies to help guide you on how to control costs without negatively impacting the health of your employees. By evaluating claim data after year one, we can also drive greater understanding of how your organization uses their health benefits and pin-point with accuracy where there are opportunities to evolve your benefit plan offering.


We Also Partner with Benefits Consultants

If you’re advising clients on their self-insured benefits packages, we can help you with customized plan options. Our network design solutions can complement additional Hoag Corporate Health services like worksite clinics, as well as mobile health services.

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